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Phillips Trucking Service LLC uses a large network of contracted delivery professionals to meet a wide variety of delivery needs. From small to large, one time or reoccurring scheduled routes, we have a large pool of contracted delivery drivers to meet your needs. We provide logistical support to businesses looking to save money on current deliveries or expand into new areas. We strive to create a partnership with our customers based on honesty, integrity, communication and value.


We have the technology to give you peace of mind. We use an app that shows our drivers all the details about your order and any special instructions you may have.  The app allows our dispatcher to track your delivery in real-time and provide updates. It also allows the driver to collect signatures from your customer and e-mail it to you for proof of delivery. If you need a barcode to be scanned for proof of pick up and delivery we can do that also.  Whatever your need, Phillips Trucking Service LLC has the right solution for you.